5 Tips to Building Your Email List

Email lists are the lifeblood of your online business. How do you get more subscribers to your list? Here are 5 tips to building your email list that will change the way your business engages.

What you want to be doing is building your email list of subscribers who want to know what you have to say. How do you find these people and how do you get them to subscribe and join your list? There are several ways and methods that could work well for you. Try to choose the ones you want to focus on first and make a strong effort to learn the best way to do it.

  • Build a landing page or subscribe page where you offer information that could solve a common struggle for your reader
  • Give away a free e-book, training, video, or audio file in exchange for the reader’s information.
  • Encourage people to visit your landing page or blog through your Facebook posts and comments
  • Advertise your site/blog/landing pages on classified ad sites with an appealing ad that encourages clickthroughs
  • Participate in forums or discussion groups where your profile page indicates the landing page you want people to visit

Building an email list takes time, a bit of work, and a good offer of information for potential readers and customers to engage in. You can produce your own document, PDF, ebook, video or audio file to offer, or you can purchase one ready made for you through various sites like Fiverr, ELance, ODesk.

The idea is that people like free things. If they perceive value in your offer, you will find that building your email list will happen quickly and rather effortlessly after you get up and running.

building your email listBuilding Your Email List Flow

You’ve just seen an awesome infographic that shows you the steps to building your email list with simple and easy to do methods.

The first step to any list building campaign is deciding how you will capture your leads. Are you going to use a landing page, a contact page, a subscribe box, an autoresponder or a software to capture those leads?

Choosing one or more options will allow you a more complete opportunity to capture and get on your list some names and email addresses of people who really want to know what you have to share.

As we’ve all ready talked about, you need to choose your offer or gift, set up your landing page/subscribe page/or software to capture the leads, set up your autoresponder to provide the free gift or information immediately to the subscriber and have some follow-up emails loaded in there; then you need to go out and advertise/market your pages via forums, discussion groups, advertising groups, traffic exchanges, classified ads…everywhere you can think of.

All that hard and tedious work will pay off if you remain consistent and persistent in advertising and drawing people to your offer. You’ll be building your email list with each ad you post, with each blog you write on, with each status post on Facebook.

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