What was i thinking of in the first place when i got this domain name anyway??

Its simple. I had a vision back then to create a site to use it for my experiences in my online marketing journey, so I could provide valuable information ,educate and teach people like you to go the easiest way as possible to succeed in internet marketing online,  so I got this domain myimtips.com which stands for my internet marketing tips. 


What Happened next..

My online journey had already started with creating some sites a bigger one and some small niche sites with amazon and adsense on them! While it all started fine and i was learning and implemented a lot of SEO techniques ,suddenly all the Google animals came  (panda, penguin , zebra or whatever..) It became a disaster and I wasn’t really happy there.

I mean literally overnight the sites disappeared and i have wasted a lot of money and time! If that wasn’t enough I suddenly got an injury with my arm , so all I can say my motivation wasn’t exactly the best one there.

I felt really bad there, I was ready to “throw in the towel” if you know what I mean . I just wasn’t motivated at that time! I felt I have failed!

But i just couldn’t let  it go .. the thought of IM came back to me all the time and that was because of the  passion and love I had for what I did with the online marketing journey. I mean it was really hard to throw away everything and just say goodbye to all of it..

Then suddenly one day I had that “light bulb over my head”  moment that I said to myself ..

Enough is enough..

All these failures should not stop me to continue my journey to my success

There are so many ways to succeed in online marketing..

The Change

I started first to change my mindset  a lot and realized that no one else but me can get myself up and running again.

I took Yoga lessons and went back to the gym to work out.

I also started to push myself out of my comfort zone like as there wasn’t any other option than to succeed..

My experienceradio

I actually got remembered how it was when I first started out with my business , the passion the excitement the energy and everything..You see I have been running a business for over a decade now mainly with radio ads where we produced a couple of thousands  of commercials and I used to have like 6+ employees there.

While it was fun and all was running smoothly I wasn’t really satisfied on how I was working , and how I wanted my life to be!

I felt all the time that I was dependent on to be at the office all the time and that others were actually controlling me and not the other way ,

I couldn’t  live my life as I wanted.

(That’s actually good news for you because you’ll learn a lot from my real business life experience and an online business is actually no different to an offline)

And that’s were I started also to look for other opportunities and knew that everything was going to change to online opportunities..

So I realized I had to kick my butt and work with it just like any regular business ..

I also watched a lot of motivational stuff and started to get back to track again!

I got my energy back again,

Next step was to find and surround myself with successful like minded people and connect with them. I joined a group and mentorship and coaching and that’s where it really took off.. and  I started to see things happen.businessman5

You see its really simple if you think about it..

You look for people that have already been where you want be  ..

and you learn from their experience in a way of coaching and mentorship


Because they have already reached the level that you want to be in!

Otherwise it is much harder, because to be an internet marketer is a pretty lonely job there.


Also my biggest mistake in the beginning was that i didn’t start to build a list.

So to get good at something you focus 100% on that, right?

And whats what I did and became also a traffic provider.

We’re talking about solo ads traffic for IM and MMO opportunities.

You can see my page here at topsolotraffic.com


Back to today…

 So to not drag this out I will provide you with a lot valuable information on how to run and succeed with your online business here,  and also a lot of motivational and productivity stuff , which will help you a lot… and I mean a lot!

Remember! It all a starts with the mindset no matter what you do!


Ok that’s it.  See you inside !

To your online success!










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