Your Online Marketing Sales Funnel

An online marketing sales funnel is one of the most talked about, worried about, and hyped up tools on the internet today. The gurus have been preaching about how to market and how to set up a sales funnel to the point newcomers are terrified of even attempting to try. But one thing is for certain, you need an online marketing sales funnel to build your list and drive customers to your offer.

The problem is that the gurus have you going about it all the wrong way. They have cajoled and frightened you into buying they super-duper online marketing sales funnel systems that basically set you up to start backwards. You can’t put the cart before the horse and expect to get anywhere.

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Where Do You Start?

To build a successful online marketing sales funnel, you need to start with creating great content, the kind of content that keeps people reading, coming back for more, and builds a relationship of trust with your readers.

Build your content and they will follow. See, it’s a little different than what you thought was the way, isn’t it? Before you probably heard, build a web site and they will follow. Well, in essence that is correct. But building your sales funnel from the right side of the fence is most important to your success.

Creating content is still the number one way to attract and keep interested readers and potential customers to your site. Give them the answers they’re looking for, provide entertainment and be specific and relevant to your niche. This keeps people interested enough to want to know more about you and your business.

So after having great relevant and unique content on your site, exactly how do you go about building a stellar online marketing sales funnel? Well, let’s go look at the primary parts of list building.

The Sales Funnel | Your Very Own Sales Team

Any affiliate or network marketing opportunity needs to have a way to bring in leads and build an email list that you can use to build deeper relationships with and promote your product or service to.

Your sales page and/or landing pages are where this relationship doesn’t just begin, but where it goes naturally from the content that you created on your site. This is where the old adage of “the money is in the list” becomes truer than any other effort you might endeavor to create.

Here’s what you need to have in place for the very best online marketing sales funnel for your business.

  1. An eye-catching, great headline. This is your Call To Action (CTA) and should be in an H1 or H2 Title tag. Your title tag/headline might offer something like “Free Video Explains Step-by-Step Sales Funnel System.” Free offers convert the best to getting people onto your list.
  2. A short description that gives enough information to entice the reader to click through and give you their email address. Something like, “Get Instant Access to the Video That Has Helped Hundreds Learn the Secret to Online Marketing Sales Funnel.” Notice that word “Secret” in the description? That’s one of those words that provokes an emotional response.
  3. An Opt-In Form. Without an opt-in form on your site, you aren’t going to get ANY subscribers, so be ready to put up a form, either a simple one or a fancy one. An Opt-in Form is an embed code that can be placed just about anywhere on your website. You can collect all kinds of information from even a simple form, such as name, email, city, state, country, and phone number. It’s totally up to you how much or how little information you want to request your subscriber contribute.
  4. The Email Marketing campaign portion of your online marketing sales funnel is the follow up that happens when your potential customer opts in to your lead capture form and wants to learn more. Email marketing campaigns are handled through the use of an autoresponder system like Pure Leverage. The general opinion here right now is that you should have a minimum of two month’s worth of email messages within your campaign settings. This is your primary method now to keep in touch with your subscribers that you worked so hard at getting into your online marketing sales funnel. Don’t try to sell, sell, sell. Use this opportunity to continue to provide quality content and keep building a relationship.

Where A Sales Funnel Really Starts

Again, let’s be clear. A strong sales funnel starts with the great content you create on your website or blog. Don’t skip this step. Without great content, you are working the business backwards and will not see the results you want. Build your content, place your optin form on your pages, develop and create an autoresponder email marketing campaign, build a rapport with your subscribers, and follow up by keeping the information you provide just as high a quality as your original website content that brought the subscriber to you.

If you need more information or assistance in putting together an online marketing sales funnel, feel free to contact us directly. We’d be happy to assist.

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