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Are you Grateful enough?


“This is real story..”


Yesterday I went out and had a coffee with a good friend of mine

and we had a good chat there..

You see when the movie “The Secret” came out first time i was the one that was introducing it to her and she has an amazing power to have the Law of Attraction working for her..

I actually got scared because I saw it once live with my own eyes how she attracted something.. and from that moment I got proof and knew that the Law of attraction works, but there is a bit more to it then just push a magic button and ask things from the universe.

Anyway she told me a recent story of heir’s that she was in need of some extra money to pay a bill she have forgot about..

I’ll  tell you exactly in her words…

“I asked for the universe that i would have this bill payed until tomorrow and started to visualize that..

An hour later the door rings and my Father came by and gave me 50 bucks for something he had won and said he wanted to give it to me… and a couple hours later my Mom came by and said she sold an old chair on auction and gave me the money..”

She was so happy that it happened and realised once again that the law of attraction works and she told me how grateful she was and thanked me for introducing the law of attraction.

She actually said..

“You know I’m grateful and thankful  because

you have changed me not only as a person but my whole life with the LOA.”


I thanked her and said that I’m glad that I helped her and

I made another unhappy frustrated and disappointed person

to a happy person enjoying and living a fulfilling life.


So my question to you is …are you grateful for the things you have in your life?


If not… It’s time to start now!


Because if  you express yourself  how grateful you are, it will help you to feel not only as a  better person,

but also as  much more happier and optimistic one.

You could just say simple things like …

I’m grateful for the things I have

I’m grateful for having support from my Wife/Husband or  and other family members there…

I’m grateful that i’m healthy..



And go ahead and do something good for someone today!


It doesn’t have to be something difficult or something special.

I only introduced the Secret and LOA in my case above..

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is.

What matter’s is you do something good because..

I’ll tell you one thing for sure…

You  will have it returned someday in someway!

Long Story but well worth it…


Now go do something good for someone there..

..and have a great day!


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here’s your change to do something good and share it with some one!




In this quick video i am showing you step by step how to install and activate a wordpress plugin quickly. And i also reveal my plugins that i use for the best performance to the wordpress blog.


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Wondering how to make money online from home? There are three basic things you should be aware of as you look for opportunities and consider your options for how to earn money online, for beginners, the most important being to watch out for scammers.


make money online from home

First, we will look at some work-from-home pitfalls to avoid, because they could waste your time, take your money instead of pay you or even land you in prison. Then, we will talk about what it takes to work from home, so that you can be sure you have the right kind of personality for it and you are willing to do what it takes. And, finally, we will discuss some legitimate methods that can actually earn you money working from home, on the internet.


Don’t Believe Every Advice on How to Make Money Online from Home That You Read


Simply put, there are plenty of scammers out there. Some common scams are:

  • Phony check scams. You deposit a check into your bank account, but the check has no money behind it, and you end up being responsible to pay that amount to your bank.
  • Spamming scams. Your job is to send unsolicited emails, which is illegal.
  • Money laundering. Your job is to make profits from street-drug sales, prostitution, etc., look like profits from a legitimate business. This, of course, could land you in serious legal trouble.

Waiting to Get Rich Is Not How to Earn Money Online from Home

Many people are disappointed when they discover how difficult it is to work from home. A lot of ads can be misleading, showing people sitting in their pajamas, looking very peaceful. Yes, it is often peaceful (it certainly eliminates road rage), and you can usually work in your pajamas, but you still have to work. Just showing up and being there is no longer enough: if you are not producing money, then you are not working. Working from home takes a lot of self-discipline.


The Real Deal on How to Make Money Online

There are several legitimate ways to make money online. They include:

  • Ad revenue. You run a blog or website and you make money from the ads that appear on the site.
  • Affiliate marketing. You refer customers to other websites, and make a commission on their purchases.
  • Telecommuting. You are an employee of a company, but you work from home.
  • Your own business. You are the company, and you work from home.


One of the beauties of working online from home is that, in many cases, you do not even have to stay home. If you have a laptop or tablet, you can usually work from a coffee shop, bookstore, library, friend’s house, shopping mall or anywhere else you can get an internet connection.

But first, of course, you need to find your online job or create it. The internet can be a great help, either way. You can use it to find legitimate online jobs, to find the resources you need to start your own online business and to learn all you need to know about how to make money online from home.

If you are looking for a good way to make money from home, getting some affiliate marketing tips could help.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to use your computer to make some extra money. You avoid the extra time and expense of commuting, you save the environment by not using any fuel to get to work, and you can be there for your children or elderly parents. But not everything that calls itself an affiliate marketing opportunity is legitimate. Here are some pointers:

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Leads to Avoid

Affiliate marketing has been given a bad name in some circles by scammers who hijack the term and use it to promote their harmful schemes. Some ‘affiliate marketing’ opportunities and tips to avoid:

  • The ones that ask for your money. A legitimate affiliate marketing plan will never ask the affiliates to pay. You work for them, so they pay you.
  • The ones that promise (or imply) they will pay you for nothing. Real affiliate marketing means you get paid if you make a sale (or, in some cases, if someone you recruited makes a sale).
  • The ones that look too good to be true. A business that operates legally and ethically will have nothing to hide. Look at what the company would reasonably get from your work and how they are offering to compensate you. If it looks like the company would be taking a loss, something is probably not right.
  • The ones that ask you to turn off your conscience. No matter how much it pays, no job is worth losing your self-respect and, possibly, even going to jail.

Render of a Affiliate Marketing Concept.

 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Follow

But affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money. You get the benefits of a flexible schedule, low expenses and more time with family (even though you may be working while you are with them).

Here are some tips to help you improve your odds of success:

  • Consider doing your affiliate marketing for well-known, established companies that you and your friends already buy from.
  • Look past the hype, get the facts and do the math. Learn about the company’s business model and how their affiliate marketers fit into the picture.
  • Be realistic. There is good potential to make money in affiliate marketing if you put the work into it, but getting rich from it is rare.

Where to Find More Affiliate Marketing Tips

The best way to avoid scams and make money in the field is to educate yourself about affiliate marketing in particular, and about sales and marketing in general. Here are a few places to start from:

  • Read the FAQs and help files of well-known companies that use affiliate marketers. These can be a great guide to the field of affiliate marketing for beginners.

If you have friends in the sales and marketing field, whose ethics you respect, ask them. Since people who buy online also buy offline, even friends who are involved in traditional sales or marketing can sometimes be a great source for affiliate marketing tips.


Do you have the right mindset?
If you want to succeed in every kind of aspect of your life you got to have the right mindset!
Whether it’s a business success or something else you want to succeed with it all starts with the mindset!


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A lot of people would kill to discover how to make money online, and you certainly dream of finding out the secrets too, even though you still don’t hold all the cards. Well, there is no use in spending your time trying to come up with a great idea or product – the market is stuffed with them, so why not become an affiliate and promote a product or a service that you believe in?

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How to Make Money Online with It?

Affiliate marketing is the part of online marketing that involves building your own website and using it to direct the traffic to another website, selling the product or service that you promote. It is an easy way to make money online, because, for every purchase made by the visitors you send to the respective site, you get a commission.

The best part about this activity is that you can dedicate only part of your time to it and turn it into a priority the minute it starts making serious money. Many entrepreneurs started like this and, when they discovered how much money they could make, turned it into a full time job.

Success word on puzzle piece

How to Make Money Online as an Affiliate Marketer in Six Steps

1.    Choose the product or service you wish to promote

This should be the first step, because it will influence your keywords research and may be helpful when choosing the domain name. Settle for something you have used, something you know very well and you can easily sell to others, no matter if it is a book, a membership or an Amazon products category.

It is important that you see things in perspective and focus on something of quality, because you need to keep your up-sell opportunities open, meaning that in a month or so, you could sell different products or services to the same customers, on the condition that you do not disappoint them.

2.    Research your keywords

People use these keywords to look for the product or service that you are promoting with the search engines. The secret on how to make money online, is to choose the ones you find representatives, to make sure that they can attract the number of visitors you want and to optimize your blog or website based on them.

Settle for something common, easy to remember, for groups of two, maximum three words that people can relate to and even recommend to others.

3.    Start your own blog or website

Any resource on how to make money online will teach you that you need a blog or a website on which to promote the products or the services that you decide on. In order to keep the investment lower, you should start by buying a cheap domain, hosting it on a free or shared server and setting up a free blogging service.

The domain name is probably the most important here, and the rumors have it that, if it is based on your target keywords, the site will be easier to optimize for the search engines.

4.    Write or buy the content for your website

You have two major options:

  • A “how to” website, offering people articles or videos on how to accomplish various tasks related to the product or service you sell and offering them the solution in the link to the website you affiliated with;
  • A “reviews” website, analyzing, praising and criticizing (not so much) the products or services you promote, offering links to the site from where people can buy the respective products or services.

Here, the choice is all yours, with the difference that promoting one product or service is easier than promoting a whole category, as it requires less content, less research and less demanding graphics, not to mention that the competition will not be that tight.

5.    Optimize your website for the search engines

Approximately 90% of your target visitors use the search engines in order to find the products or services they are interested in, so, unless you gain a leading position in their results pages, they will not even know you exist and you will never be able to state that you know how to make money online.

The key is to publish original and curated content on your website regularly and to build as many backlinks as possible, preferably from high rank sites in your niche, using varied anchor texts, so that they appear natural.

It wouldn’t hurt to try and do everything by yourself, at least for the sake of learning how to make money online, but, if you find that the results do not live up to your time and effort investment, you can buy backlinks packages and original content at very low prices, on the condition that you do your homework and find reliable providers, of course.

6.    Draw as much traffic as possible

There are several methods you can use, depending on how much you are willing or you can afford to invest in order to discover how to make money online and turn it into a stable source of income, but the most popular are: paid advertising, email marketing, social marketing, articles marketing, guest blogging and pay-per-click campaigns.

Although apparently difficult and overwhelming, affiliate marketing is the best way to make easy money online, but you have to take things slow and give your website the time and attention it needs in order to gather traffic and redirect it.

Of course, there is much more to affiliate marketing than this, especially if we consider that, online, everything is more dynamic, from business ideas to strategies implemented.

There are factors that have to be taken into account, small affiliate marketing tips and tricks that, if applied, can boost your revenues, but also mistakes that many beginners make without realizing and that can significantly interfere with the success of an affiliate site.

Uncover the tips, tricks and mistakes that can make the difference between the success and failure of your plans and discover how to make money online with affiliate marketing the easy way!