Make $38.55 Again And Again For Free with Clickbank (2020)

In today’s video I show you how you can make $38.55 and more again and again for free with ClickBank in 2020. This is a great way to get started with ClickBank and to make money as an affiliate marketer in 2020. Everything I share in this video or totally free to get started with.

What’s going on everyone Attan here and in today’s video I’m going to show
you how you can make thirty eight dollars and fifty five cents again and
again for free with Clickbank.


How To find the Offer

First off we have the marketplace with Clickbank now for those of you that are
new Clickbank is the largest affiliate network around the globe here
they have thousands of products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer socreate an account if you haven’t done it already it is pretty simple and
straightforward and you can get started to promote affiliate offers.

Some of the most popular niches would be make money online wealth health fitness niche also but we are going to focus on something else here today so let’s go to this category right here and spirituality New Age and alternative
beliefs so we can see here it is sorted by popularity and the first offer is the
one that we are going to focus .

You can see your new manifestation mega magic mega heat generates massive epcs EPC stands for earnings per click here and here it explains a little bit on that you can earn up to $300 per sale.

We want to take advantage and see all the affiliate details here so they do have
an affiliate page of course and if you go here and open it up in a new tab
we can see here that this converts from cold traffic and that is what interests
us okay so you can see it generates one dollar and twenty five cents per click
earnings per click here is the EPC

Look at the section where it says brand new viral video tools for affiliates proven to work on social media perfect for Facebook YouTube.

we are going to focus on video and YouTube.

How to use the material

I’m going to share with you a few different strategies

we can see here we have four videos first and foremost this is some videos
okay so we can quickly see that this is some slides from photos and so under
with some text in and music.

Now what we are going to do is we’re going to
download this video but we are not going to reupload it exactly as it is so
basically you are going to need a free video editor I’m not going to go into
detail here because I use Camtasia for example.
basically you can use whatever you want .

The first thing that we need to change is the music so you can re-upload the same one but just changing the music now YouTube has royalty-free music that you are allowed to download and you can see here if you will arrive here and what you need to do here is go and
search for let’s say ambient here okay so we need to change the music and we
are allowed to download this music .

The next thing that we can do here is let’s go back to this alright
let’s go back here now basically we can do a lot more here
because we can take the same video and add if we want some audio for example
without showing your face in the camera so we can go to the articles here
is just one for example and we can start to read this ok and if you want to you
can expand on this you can do so many variations of this because we need more
than just one video here ok this is super important.

you just can’t upload one video and say that they did it work for you

YouTube needs more than just one video but there are so many ways to do this you can do
I think you can actually do thousands of variations here with these kind of
videos so one opportunity you can do it with is actually just speak this aloud
you can read this aloud ok record it and insert it within your video editor with
the music on and use the pictures there you can of course go a step beyond and
find royalty-free footage and so on there but I’m just giving you a few
ideas here.

if I go back here again when we have done the videos, we are we now what we need to do is of course you’re going to say how are we going to get the traffic

If I go here on the YouTube you can see how to manifest money you can see the most popular video here has
four hundred and eighty-one thousand views it’s uploaded one year ago eleven
thousand views two months ago so you can see that this

is a good keyword but to be sure that the keyword
is good for YouTube or not we want to take advantage of Tubebuddy is one of the tools that I’m using and if I just open up the keyboard explorer here you can
see that it says that it is not a good keyword but we have some recommendations here okay so let’s pick something let’s take
how to manifest money fast for example alright it is a poor keyword again so
let’s see here for the searches we need to test and see here let’s go for
YouTube for example. Wow look at this okay this is cool so now I’m
suddenly having a very good chance to rank for this keyboard here alright how
to manifest money fast money fast YouTube now what you’re going to do is
you’re going to use this in your title and of course you’re going to take
advantage you can just select here these keywords and tags to use them in
your video also but you need to have it in your tidal so if I go to the top here
you can see how I manifested money in one week you are going to use yours how
to manifest money fast YouTube and you can of course expand and put something else there the exact same formula or whatever after this keyword.

when you have your keyword here that’s good once again here are manifest
manifest YouTube you’re going to see some of the most popular tags and you just copy them to use on the video you’re going to upload

if you can do a review video it is a good idea but this is only one video so focus on this kind of keywords.

What to focus on

You should use more longtail keywords how to manifest the fast money
fast YouTube for example that you saw it earlier that it was a good keyword
alright and you have a good chance to rank very high so I mean people are
going to start to see that and click the link and of course you’re going to earn
your Commission’s.





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