Earn $8–$12 Per Hour By Drawing Boxes On Photos (Free Paypal Money)

In today’s video I show you how you can earn anywhere from 8 up to $12 per hour by drawing boxes on photos. There is actually a way that you can earn even more money with this method. This opportunity are free to sign up with, it is worldwide and it pays you via PayPal. Another great opportunity that you can make money from the comfort of your home.

A bit from the video transcribed:

The site is spare five and if I have a quick look here you can see that it says earn money in your sparetime with our free web and mobile apps all right now have a quick look at what are the tasks like we have a wide variety of tasks but most of them focus
on deriving the meaning of or providing human insight into audio video or image
files so by having a quick look here at the first one you can see the assessed
language tell us about the tone meaning contents or attitude of a conversation
or simply the context the contents of an audio file and here we have the drawing
boxes so annotate images you draw bounding boxes around various element in
an image and you describe what’s were in a photo so look at this here cloud you
type in cloud what you see here you drew the next box it is a mountain for
example like this here we have a lake so it is really as simple as you can see it
right here all right the road you just draw another box and
water this is border so you draw a box and you explain what it is then we have
the isolate elements section where you find the edges of an object to help
computers to see what you see and you can also provide key words okay so you
can help companies develop algorithms to learn what a photo is all about so by
typing a few key words so let’s say for example here you see a women a woman I’m
sorry a clouds dog mountain hoody husky and watch all these key words are tagged
with this photo here this is a testimonial but we’re going to have a
look at this later on I’m not going to play the video for you but I do have
some proof here and some payment pro about these sites that it is alleged
site so who provides the tasks here now we work with a variety of companies to
help train their programs and algorithms the thing can work better here are some
of the companies we work with so far and you can see that these are really big
companies we’re talking about Pinterest, gopro, TomTom, IBM, so definitely a lot of big
companies that put trust on this Spare 5.

What are the tasks? let’s have a quick look at
this they have a limited and always changing number of tasks here so here is
a variety of tasks actually first be sure that you are taking all the
available qualifiers so we can make sure that you understand how to complete
tasks you should also try any quizzes that are available quizzes tests.

Basically you can see that there is a lot of questions that is answered the payout section we can
see here we’re going to have a look at it but the minimum payout is about $1 action so you can be paid really really fast here and we are talking about PayPal money also.

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