Best Online Home Based Business To Start In 2019 For Beginners

What’s the best online home based business to start in 2019 for beginners?

I’m getting this question many times so I wanted to share with you what I think is the best online home based business, why and how you get started to make money online with this.

What you’re going to learn here..

  • you will know how to start your own online business
  • you don’t need any previous experience to get started with this
  • I’m going to show you where to find offers
  • how to find offers and actually also I’m gonna share with you ..
  • few methods on how to promote these offers.

    The online business that you can get started with which I and many others actually that has started with this is affiliate marketing.

Let’s have a look at a few benefits with this affiliate business model.

  • There is low to zero startup cost with this compared to what it would cost if you start an offline business.
  • you don’t need to deal with shipping.
  • you don’t have to create the product,
  • no matter if it is a digital or hardware,
  • and actually this becomes passive income because it can work for you 24 hours without you having to sit in an office answering phone calls eg.
  • Best of all with the method I’m going to share with you here is that you are going to build an online asset which is an email list.Let’s have a closer look at the details here on how we can actually go ahead and get started with it.

    The most important thing for your online business

    First you need to have an opt-in page or many call it a squeeze page.

    Instead of sending your traffic straight to the the affiliate offer now I actually prefer this route because this is how you build your email list.

    Basically you are going to give something away for free in exchange for the email address it can be a video case study like I have here on how I got started and made 420 dollars in less than 24 hours or it can be a free report or something that is related to your niche with value in and something that people would really like to have there and when they opt-in they do that with an via an autoresponder that you need of course.

    When they do that they able to see the affiliate offer.

    Now what is cool with this method is that they will opt-in to your list and you are going to create something called a follow-up sequence.

    A follow-up  sequence are emails that are sent automatically which means that instead of sending them straight to the offer here and we miss that one shot that we had,  we are now sending people through the opt-in page and we have many more chances again to actually promote and make a commission.

    The follow up sequence should be a combination of valuable content and of course the promotion there also.

    How and where do you find offers?

    Well if we go actually to the probably most popular Affiliate Network site for digital products would be Clickbank where they have thousands of products that you can promote.

    It totally depends on what niche you’re involved in one of the most popular niches is the make money online and health and fitness but there is some other great niches also like self help.

    What you need to do is sort it by popularity or gravity, it’s something which is clickbank’s own metrics is pretty similar actually to the popularity.

    Another popular Affiliate network is Amazon.

    They have probably millions of products you can promote.

    What I also like about Amazon is that they do have a 24 hour cookie so you might promote a camera someone clicks through your link, watches the camera but purchasing razor blades for example so you will make a commission of the razor blades too

    How to promote your offers

    A great and powerful way to drive traffic could be to make a review video about the product and upload it on Youtube.

    People are actually searching for product name and review in Youtube.

    Another way could actually be to go to free Facebook groups and start posting but write a good compelling copy and at the end just say PM for more info or just type more info below here and then send them a private message because you will have better engagement that way.

    People that are really interested in actually buying that product will show their interest.

    Then there is also paid traffic sources like pay-per-click and you can do this with video ads, for example on YouTube, Google Ads, on Google, Bing ads and  Facebook ads of course also.

    It’s good to learn a few things about this before you get started so you don’t loose your money.

    This is a great way to actually start your own online home basedbusiness and as I said in the beginning I do prefer affiliate marketing you don’t need to hassle with shipping.

    It’s a very low cost start up, here you’re actually more or less need to have an autoresponder, squeeze page and you can get started straight taway

    I do recommend that you actually go and sign up for Aweber , while there are free versions of autoresponders also I still recommend you to get started with Aweber because this is the number one in my opinion. Actually I’ve been a solo ad vendor also so I tested all the autoresponders that are worth it, but Aweber is my number one way go to autoresponder.

    If  you want to find out more how to get started with your online home based business to learn the ins and outs on how you can make a full time passive income online with affiliate marketing all you have to do is actually check out my number one recommendation right here below.


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