Are you Grateful enough?


“This is real story..”


Yesterday I went out and had a coffee with a good friend of mine

and we had a good chat there..

You see when the movie “The Secret” came out first time i was the one that was introducing it to her and she has an amazing power to have the Law of Attraction working for her..

I actually got scared because I saw it once live with my own eyes how she attracted something.. and from that moment I got proof and knew that the Law of attraction works, but there is a bit more to it then just push a magic button and ask things from the universe.

Anyway she told me a recent story of heir’s that she was in need of some extra money to pay a bill she have forgot about..

I’ll  tell you exactly in her words…

“I asked for the universe that i would have this bill payed until tomorrow and started to visualize that..

An hour later the door rings and my Father came by and gave me 50 bucks for something he had won and said he wanted to give it to me… and a couple hours later my Mom came by and said she sold an old chair on auction and gave me the money..”

She was so happy that it happened and realised once again that the law of attraction works and she told me how grateful she was and thanked me for introducing the law of attraction.

She actually said..

“You know I’m grateful and thankful  because

you have changed me not only as a person but my whole life with the LOA.”


I thanked her and said that I’m glad that I helped her and

I made another unhappy frustrated and disappointed person

to a happy person enjoying and living a fulfilling life.


So my question to you is …are you grateful for the things you have in your life?


If not… It’s time to start now!


Because if  you express yourself  how grateful you are, it will help you to feel not only as a  better person,

but also as  much more happier and optimistic one.

You could just say simple things like …

I’m grateful for the things I have

I’m grateful for having support from my Wife/Husband or  and other family members there…

I’m grateful that i’m healthy..



And go ahead and do something good for someone today!


It doesn’t have to be something difficult or something special.

I only introduced the Secret and LOA in my case above..

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is.

What matter’s is you do something good because..

I’ll tell you one thing for sure…

You  will have it returned someday in someway!

Long Story but well worth it…


Now go do something good for someone there..

..and have a great day!


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