Affiliate Marketing Tips: Which to Avoid and Which to Follow

If you are looking for a good way to make money from home, getting some affiliate marketing tips could help.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to use your computer to make some extra money. You avoid the extra time and expense of commuting, you save the environment by not using any fuel to get to work, and you can be there for your children or elderly parents. But not everything that calls itself an affiliate marketing opportunity is legitimate. Here are some pointers:

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Leads to Avoid

Affiliate marketing has been given a bad name in some circles by scammers who hijack the term and use it to promote their harmful schemes. Some ‘affiliate marketing’ opportunities and tips to avoid:

  • The ones that ask for your money. A legitimate affiliate marketing plan will never ask the affiliates to pay. You work for them, so they pay you.
  • The ones that promise (or imply) they will pay you for nothing. Real affiliate marketing means you get paid if you make a sale (or, in some cases, if someone you recruited makes a sale).
  • The ones that look too good to be true. A business that operates legally and ethically will have nothing to hide. Look at what the company would reasonably get from your work and how they are offering to compensate you. If it looks like the company would be taking a loss, something is probably not right.
  • The ones that ask you to turn off your conscience. No matter how much it pays, no job is worth losing your self-respect and, possibly, even going to jail.

Render of a Affiliate Marketing Concept.

 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Follow

But affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money. You get the benefits of a flexible schedule, low expenses and more time with family (even though you may be working while you are with them).

Here are some tips to help you improve your odds of success:

  • Consider doing your affiliate marketing for well-known, established companies that you and your friends already buy from.
  • Look past the hype, get the facts and do the math. Learn about the company’s business model and how their affiliate marketers fit into the picture.
  • Be realistic. There is good potential to make money in affiliate marketing if you put the work into it, but getting rich from it is rare.

Where to Find More Affiliate Marketing Tips

The best way to avoid scams and make money in the field is to educate yourself about affiliate marketing in particular, and about sales and marketing in general. Here are a few places to start from:

  • Read the FAQs and help files of well-known companies that use affiliate marketers. These can be a great guide to the field of affiliate marketing for beginners.

If you have friends in the sales and marketing field, whose ethics you respect, ask them. Since people who buy online also buy offline, even friends who are involved in traditional sales or marketing can sometimes be a great source for affiliate marketing tips.

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