10 Ways To Make Money From Home Part Time

If you’re looking for a way to get started to make money from home but still want to keep your day job, or some other activity , then a great way could be to start part time.

That’s why I share with you here 10 ways to start to make money from home part time.

Many of the doesn’t require any previous experience and doesn’t require any investment to start with.


Let’s have a look at these ways on how you can get started there to earn some money from the comfort of your home part time.



The first way could actually be as simple as selling some good old stuff or some antiques or something you have in your house and the number one site you can go to and do that is actually Ebay.

But it’s not the only you can make money with Ebay that because you mightwant to get started to drop ship products, you might find something that you can import and you can actually start to sell that on eBay so that could be a great option to get started to make money from home part time.



The next opportunity is as simple as taking up on some micro tasks and  the most popular sites would probably be microworkers.com and rapidworkers.com.  A quick example here, you can actually make $0.10 for something as simple as a YouTube vote or if you follow someone on Twitter you earn twelve cents.

Another very popular site for any kind of micro tasks is  Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and you can find that on mturk.com.

You can see in the section where it says learn more how you can make money with a lot of tasks, for example tagging objects found in an image, helping companies select the best picture to represent the product, audit user there is a classifying and identify, removing duplicate content a lot of data entry jobs here also.

How about making tasks like  mounting a TV stand or a mirror assemble a table or a desk?

You can do that on taskrabbit.com and how it works is if you go to the section where it says become a Tasker you need to fill in the details of course you will have to find jobs that you like at the rates you choose and make a schedule that fits your life there, so it all depends on your area and the needs actually what is available.


Data Entry Jobs

This is another great way to actually get started and work part-time from home. so  have a look at the three sites I shared with you here for micro tasks.

Data  Entry jobs and much more tasks is something you can do on clickworker.com.

They do always search for people here so it can be anything from text creation, categorization, copy editing, proofreading, research, surveys, mystery visit photo photo capturing, app testing and more.



Next opportunity could actually be to take up on some surveys.

Just go to http://www.surveysonthego.com/

It’s actually an app available for both App Store and Google Play and can make money answering some simple questions.

Another site is  surveytime.io.  and what I liked about this site is that you get instantly rewarded so they pay you straightt away right after you have finished the survey.




Next opportunity is to become some kind of a tester.

Becoming a tester means that you are able to test websites or apps.

There are companies that comes to these kind of sites they want to improve their sites or if they want to launch a new app.

Before they lauch it they want to see if  if there are any bugs or if it is easy to find the product eg.

One of the popular sites is usertesting.com

You just go to the section where it says get paid to test, and you can see here that you get paid $10 via PayPal for every twenty minute video that you complete.

It is very popular site Zendesk, Facebook, Microsoft have been hiring this company actually so a lot of opportunities here to become a tester .


Another site is testing time.com and you test products at home via skype , they want to have and record your feedback there so to see if it was easy to find a dress eg or whatever is going to be that you’re going to test there.

You can  earn up to $60 per hour there for testing sites and apps there, so testingtime.com another great opportunity.



How about being an evaluator?

Well you can do that on appen.com They have actually a lot of opportunities available in over 130 countries and 180 plus languages.

You can also do micro tasks and  language jobs also here.

But the most interested  is to become  a social media evaluator or a web search evaluator.

It’s  really simple, they ask you to search on Google if you could find a specific site or something similar, another one could be to go to Facebook and see if you can find and see an ad.


Virtual Assistant

The next opportunity is to be any kind of a virtual assistant.

Just go to virtualassistantjobs.com go to the jobs section.

A quick example I typed data entry and there was 267 matching records here so there is a lot of opportunities here as a virtual assistant.



Next job you can do is become any kind of a tutor.

If you are good at English you can go to VIP kid teachers, you can earn up to $22 per hour or alternatively there is chegg.com.

Actually just go to Google and  type what you’re good at and the word tutor and you’ll find sites you can apply for as tutor.



Next opportunity is to become a transcriber.

This is super easy also to get started with as a home based job.

All you need is a good pair of headphones, a foot pedal is only optional and you just need to start typing.

One of the popular sites is scribie.com and and if you go to the transcriber section you can see here you can earn anywhere from 5 up to $25 per audio hour. Another very popular site also is rev.com and you can actually do more here than just transcribing, eg  you can actually become a captioner which is  pretty similar.

They pay you anywhere from 36 to 65 cents per audio video minute and a for captioning you actually make 45 to 75 transfer audio video minutes there.

If you know a foreign language you can actually earn here anywhere from one

dollar and fifty cents up to three dollars per audio video minute.


Let’s go to the final one opportunity and that is actually to become any kind of a freelancer.

One of the sites you can do this is on peopleperhour.com

People are posting projects here they want help with and  also they want experts in the field, let’s say video editing for example audio editing which I would apply for.

Another example is also data entry

There is more freelance sites like upwork.com which is also very popular, we have freelancer.com and finally we have fiverr.com

Don’t think that it is only 5 bucks here because you can actually make a lot more money.

Tip. In the beginning I would actually sell myself low to get a good reputation, get some testimonials and then you can increase the price.


There is absolutely more ways to make money online from home part time, but I think these ways I shared with you here is easiest to get started with and probably the most common ways.







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