In this video I show you how you can earn money online fast with freelancing even without any previous experience.
I also explain in the beginning why it could be the fastest way to get started to make money online.
This is perfect solution on how to start as a freelancer and make money.



In this video i talk about the importance of sound in a video production, why you should bother in the first place and how you can improve your sound in your video’s.


In this video I’m talking about…

  • the importance of email list building
  • 2 announcements from 2 of the largest social media platforms and
  • i also share few simple tips on how you can grow your list faster.


In this video I share with you a marketing tips, a perfect example how to stand out from the crowd.


This is great business marketing advice.

A perfect way to positioning in the market and stand out.

First you check out what your competitors are doing, how do they package, deliver etc and then its time to bring those creative marketing ideas in place, test them and if they are good then its time to launch it.


In this video i share with you the best free screen capture software for windows that i tested and was very satisfied with.  A very good productivity tool actually. And best of all its FREE.
Watch the video below for all the details and how to use it also.


Watch this video where i show you how to optimize your videos for better ranking on Youtube.



This is a great new free productivity tool that I used a lot lately .

In the video i’ll show you how you can use it in your daily life


Loom is basically a screen recording software. It’s a Really quick and super simple video communication tool that allows you to share knowledge more effectively than ever before.

In this video I share 2 important tips on how to create multiple streams of income the right way.


In this video I share the importance of having a good relationship with your email list and 5 simple ways how to engage your subscribers more.



New video about procrastinating and i also share 1 simple but very powerful tip how to overcome procrastination